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Tactics per Position *IMPORTANT*

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Tactics per Position *IMPORTANT* Empty Tactics per Position *IMPORTANT*

Post  Godfather Obie on Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:27 am

All of us have made mistakes, But there's certain mistakes we should not be making,
All of the Below is pretty much common sense, But it's not happeneing,,

Please check your position and make sure, that your playing how you should,

LB/RB Bosingwa, A. Cole
These guys need to support up front only when needed, but if the ball is on your side of the pitch dont hesitate in getting up to help. If the Defence clear the ball to you, then it's your Que to get it up the wing Quickly, a quick run and pass into the midfielders as soon as posisble.
Defensively at least one of these should be back to support the CB's.
If we have a very strong attack then the back player can come forward a little, But BOTH need to be getting back as soon as it looks like we may lose posession.

CB (LCB/RCB) Terry, Carvalho, Alex
Defensively the CB has 1 job.. Get rid of the ball,
not Get the ball, & get rid of it,,, There's no pause, there's no passing, theres no fancy runs or turns,
Get rid of it, if possible to the CM or LB/RB,
It is not upto the CB to start an attack, it's upto you guys to stop 1.
So get the ball away.
In attack These guys will only usually be seen at Set Pieces, Otherwise one should be on the Half way line, and the second should be a few yards Defensive Side of there most foremost attacker (striker)
If that confuses you, Stick to the Half way line Wink

CM Essien, Obi Mikel
This is the Makalele Slot. one of the most important tasks in the team
The CM MUST Support the Defense and ATTACK whenever each requires the help, Especially defensively.
And be ready because it is you the ball should come to when we get possession back.
You need to practice the through balls & passes, because you will need to get the ball forward as quickly as possible.
The Defense need to clear the ball, You then need to start an attack.
For Set pieces, and strong attacks the CM should NEVER Enter the 18yd Box,
20-30 yards out the area waitiing for poor clearances, or counter attacks will mean we're far more liekly to sustain strong attacks.

LM/RM J.Cole, Deco, Malouda, Kalou
At times these guys will need to Defend strong, Like the LB/RB these guys are pretty quick, It will usually be up to you guys to guard any support that our opponents may be trying to give to that guy who just legged it down the wing,
Ont he other hand, Practice your Through balls & Long Passes, It's upto you guys to either play it long to the Striker, Inside to the AM's or get down the wing with your Speed & Skill and get a decent cross in.

LAM / RAM Ballack, Lampard
These Guys ARE NOT STRIKERS, Far too often I've seen these in front of Drogba, and it should not happen, If drogba is too far back, maybe you should be there so he can attack.
Defensively these guys MUST support, Failiure to do so gives our opponenents a pretty easy run through the middle, Which stretches our defense causing all manor of problems.
In attack it is upto these two to get in good positions between our oppositions Midfield & Defense, and exploiting any gaps there midfield may leave,
((Thus causing there defence gaps, and not ours,))
Unlike the CM though, in Strong attacks it is these guys who will get forward, and provide support to the Striker, creating Runs, making positions, and looking to get the odd shot in on goal.

ST Drogba / Anelka
This is the One person who never needs to defend, Some Free-Kicks he may be in the Wall, But as soon as it is taken he is back onto the Half Way line.
Every time We get the ball it is upto the ST to sit on the Defensive Line making Runs, and hopign to get a through ball,
If the ST lose's possession then the LAM/RAM should be close behind to support ( a few times this has happened and we have scored)
the ST should ALWAYS Be furthest Forward, And shouldnt need to support the Midfield too much ((afterall there is 5 of you)))
At aLL Times it should be you guys, Gettign the ball upto the Striker.

If he isnt in a goal scoring position, he may be in a position to set up either LAM/RAM or even RM/LM,


Chelsea Fans will know that 2 years ago, Chelsea had a great Season, and Drogba scored a hell of alot of Goals.,

Anyone who watched numerous matches will have realised Chelsea's usual Tactic was to get the ball to Drogba, then let him score, Try or set up the approaching midfielders.
We Must at least try to incorporate this, as some Matches I (ST/Striker) HAVE not had a single Shot and only received possession a few times.

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